At your request, we can assist in insuring your property against various risks (natural disasters, theft, civil liability to third parties and others.). The cost of insurance of 50 euros.

Insurance coverage
     - Fire, including the consequences of its suppression
     - Natural disasters
     - earthquake
     - Bay
     - Lightning
     - explosion
     - The difference in voltage circuit electricity
     - Additional costs associated with the restriction of loss on suspension collapse of buildings or parts of them, with the movement and the preservation of property
     - Payment gostinnichnogo numbers if the house remains uninhabitable due to an insured event
     - Illegal actions of third parties, etc.

Insurance companies offer several options - basic, extended, maximum coverage and limited risk. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can choose any risk.

* Express policy - no inventory of the property

* Full coverage of risks

* Fast and accurate payment of insurance compensation

The sum insured - calculated on the basis of the cost of rebuilding the property / for new /. In all covered policy is included movable property worth up to 30% of the sum insured without inventory.

Compensation - Damage is paid within 14 days after the evidence base and the size of the amounts due.