Recently one of the most profitable investment among Russian and other investors is Sunny Beach. Despite relatively high prices for real estate services and food products, investors are counting on the popularity of the resort, the ever rising real estates' prices in Sunny Beach, the demand by tourists for its rich infrastructure.
Sunny Beach is one of the biggest resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. As a resort, this place is popular since the sixties of last century. In Soviet times, holidays in Sunny Beach were very prestigious among Soviet citizens. The interest in the properties on the Black Sea is easily explained. The biggest demand is for apartments on the beach, where the average price per square meter is 1500-3000 euros, while under construction is cheaper: 1200-1400 euros per square meter.
 Property prices are composed of several factors. If the apartment complex is located on the waterfront in the prestigious resort, the price for a square.   can reach up to 4,000 euros. If the complex is a 50-10 minute walk from the sea, prices are much lower. The price per square meter is about 800 euros.
 You can find more expensive options, but  10-15 km away from the sea, in small villages. In the near future, a demand for detached houses with gardens is expected. Experts predict that the demand   for apartments and villas on the beach and   houses near the ski and spa resorts will increase dramatically.