Property in Bulgaria, can be divided into several types.

* Properties – in the big cities- usually apartments , that offer the possibility of all year-round living .If the property is located in one if the Blacksea coast capitals - Varna or  Burgas – it gives you more privileges -  successful combination between business and beach holidays. These properties are originally located in sole buildings , that do not offer any facilities to their owners, except underground parking. It was only in the last year ,that big complexes with facilities were built in the cities like Burgas, Varna , Sofia ,etc.

* The so-called "apartments in resort areas" –located in apartment complexes on the northern and southern Black Sea coast, in the coastal cities, ski and Spa resorts , suitable for a seasonal renting, or for lovers of peace, tranquility and privacy. Originally those are located in new and cozy apartment complexes, that offer to their owners a lot of facilities- outdoor and indoor swimming pools, a gym, SPA centers, security.

* Townhouses-  typically located within a few kilometers from the sea, allowing the owners to enjoy the rural melancholy, combined with all the modern amenities and facilities.

* Houses with Land - another attractive property, especially for the people ,  who want to have a home in the bosom of the beautiful Bulgarian nature, enjoy the warm sun, in only a few miles away from the hustle of the sea and ski resorts.  

When we are talking about apartments, we should consider that there are several types of apartments in the new building on the coast and in the cities of Bulgaria:

  • Studio – this is an open space room – with area of around 25-40 square meters. m. On this area there is a kitchen, a bedroom, a dining corner, bathroom and a balcony. It resembles very much a hotel room. Many foreign buyers, especially from Russia, who visit Bulgaria for the first time and view different properties, expect-when they see a studio - a separate kitchen. However, this type of a studio can be rarely found on the market-only in the old buildings in the big cities, left from the past socialist times.
  • Atelier – this is the same as studio, but usually these rooms are located on the top floors of the buildings and  are used for  creative activity . Originally used from painters, architects, writers.
  • One bedroom apartment consists of two rooms - a living room with kitchen box and a separate bedroom. In older buildings built before 1990, most of them have a separate kitchen room a , living room and a bedroom.
  • Two-bedroom apartment - consists of a living room with kitchen-box and two bedrooms.
  • Apartments with more than two bedrooms on the Bulgarian market are rare, and usually, if necessary, this problem is solved by combining adjacent one or two-bedroom apartments.
  • Maisonette  - two-storeys apartment with one, two or more bedrooms - usually located on the upper floors of the buildings.
  • Penthouse – this is an apartment, located on the top floors of the buildings .In most cases they have inclined ceilings and large panoramic terraces. In Bulgaria these apartments are considered romantic suites with panoramic views and are sold at a high prices.
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