What is important to know about the house market in Bulgaria

As everywhere around the world, in Bulgaria, the location of the property, including houses and villas determines the selling price.

On the Bulgarian coast, 500 meters from the sea are usually built apartment complexes, as the price of the land in these areas is very expensive and it is unprofitable for the investors to build and sell houses.

Every potential buyer ,who wants to live in a house, of course imagines a nice house on the beach with stunning sea views and beautiful sunsets , but such a property , as a rule, even in Bulgaria is expensive enough. First line from the beach, you can buy for a good price a townhouse in a closed complex with facilities as swimming pool, gym, security .The townhouses usually are built on 2 or 3 floors, have a small garden and closed parking space .Very often such complexes offer a good infrastructure  and amenities to their owners.


 The prices of such townhouses in Bulgaria may vary from 59000 to 130,000 Euros, depending on the area , where the complex is located and the distance to the beach. The garden that usually belongs to such a townhouse is not more than 500 square meters

Our property specialists and consultants occasionally divide the areas and the houses into 2 kinds:

- Houses in resort areas not more than 10 km away from the sea. These houses are new, modern with lots of facilities. They are expensive, but are good investment for their owners, wh can easily resell them afterwards . Normally the attached land to such houses up to 900 sq.m and is beautifully landscaped wit green grass, lots of flowers, roses, decorative vineyards, swimming pool, BBQ, etc .

 - Houses in villages that are remote from the resort areas. They are unique of their kind, as they take you back in time, when the main values were nature, the family relations and communication between the friends. There you feel, as if life flows at a slower pace, you taste the home-made food and start to rediscover other long time ago forgotten things ,that make you feel happy. These values, however, are perfectly preserved in the Bulgarian villages. There you will be able to enjoy the timeless authenticity of the Bulgarian traditions and customs.

Here the houses are old, some are completely renovated, others are subject to a major reconstruction. The gardens of these houses are large enough, from 1500-3000 sq.m and above,  and usually they are sold for very cheap and  attractive prices. After becoming an owner of such a property in a Bulgarian village, it is up to you whether you would like to devote yourself to growing vegetables and fruit trees in the garden, or plant roses and vineyards or you will just place a jakuzzi  and will enjoy the long summer days .Or why not all – these houses has so many outdoor space, suitable for the garden lovers and for the holiday makers as well.

The property market in Bulgaria is various; many properties have been advertised for sale on the websites. Internet is flooded with listings offering houses with land / 2000 sq.m / for 5000-6000 Euros.

Be wise, if the property is good enough, it will be quickly bought by the neighbors or other local people.  Many customers, seeing such an advertisement come to think they will make some small repairs and the house will be suitable to live in. The truth, however is different –there are such cheap houses indeed, but they are so far from the sea, in almost abandon villages, without any infrastructure,  and the house itself is a real relic from the 18 th century with an outdoor toilet , without a bathroom . In such cases the best decision is to destroy the house and build a new one –that will cost you less and at the end will be much cheaper.

The most important thing you have to remember is that the closest the house to the sea is , the more expensive it will be.

Impact on the price also have the infrastructure, the facilities, the architecture, design , etc, but the most valued factor is the LOCATION.

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