Necessary documents for sale of a property

if you have decided to sell your property in Bulgaria, you will definitely need a proper estate agency that will organize the entire process– the proper advertising campaign and will assist you through the entire process.

When selling a property, you need to provide the following:

  • Access to your property for viewing
  • The Title Deed of ownership
  •  Identity document (ID card, passport);
  •  Act 16 of the building
  • Documents, proving that you have paid all your expenses (such as government tax for the last year, water, electricity and maintenance bills
  • Tax evaluation (it is given by the Local Tax Office);
  • The cadaster scheme of you property- with the last two documents is dealing the solicitor of the real estate company, selling your apartment or house ,by power of attorney
  • Certificate of inheritance (if necessary);of marriage or divorce ,birth certificate ,etc
  •  Power of Attorney –is needed in 70 % of the cases when the seller is living abroad. It is prepared by the solicitor (required if the seller can not attend personally the signing of the preliminary and final contracts );Power of attorney is usually given to te solicitor of the Real Estate company

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