Construction permits-Act 14,15,16

If you are buying a property off plan or under construction, you will surely come across the terms "Act 14", "15 Act", "Act 16".What do they mean?

These are the construction stages, approved by government acts, given on the different stages of the building work .This way the government implements control of construction and building work, which must conform to the standards.

Act 14 is the first normative document, issued by the municipality authority ,when the rough construction of the building is finished .This is a very important stage in the development process,as it verifies the right of construction.

Act 15 certifies that the building has been completed. You can live in a property with Act 15 is quite possible but electricity and water will be charged by industrial rather than domestic tariffs.
This Act follows Act 14 and is signed by both the relevant authorities and the owners of all properties in the building.

Act 16 –is the most anticipated from the new owners document, certifying that the building is built up to the government requirements and is ready to live in, all construction documentation is in order, the construction meets all legal requirements. This is the final deed, which acknowledges the correct completion of the building according to the investment project and all rights of ownership.

The lack of this document is a sign, that something is wrong - building documentation is incomplete or there might be a discrepancy between the approved project and the building work

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