Construction in Bulgaria

This is an issue, that concerns every potential buyer.

In Bulgaria all buildings are constructed and built in correspondence with all European standards .There is no difference in the technology of construction of complexes, residential buildings, houses or villas.

The building work in Bulgaria is a short term process-it goes very quickly, although during the summer season / June-September/ there is a prohibition to build in order to provide comfort and peace for the tourists.  The mild winter allows the builders to carry on with the construction work almost almost 9 months. The construction work begins at the end of the summer season - September and ends in early June next year.

A residential building of about 40-50 apartments is being built and released with all the needed governments documentation for a period of 8-9 months.

The building of large complexes with a lot of facilities, such as pools, sports facilities, gyms, SPA centers , etc , the construction work is carried out in stages and it takes two or three years of completion.

At each stage of construction, the municipality and all the correspondent authorities monitor the proper execution of the construction works and issue the necessary acts and documents for putting into operation.

If you are buying a property in Bulgaria , then definitely you will encounter the notions Act 14, Act 15 and Act 16, especially if you buy an apartment on the stage of construction.

Information about these concepts can be found here!