How to buy a property in Bulgaria from distance
If you decide to buy a property in Bulgaria without leaving your home ,because you don't want to travel or don't have the time to travel ,we will assist you in the process of buying a property from distance .This information is extremely useful, as well, when buying off plan developments.
The information below is the result of our experience with a number of customers who had already bought without visiting the place and the country. Of course, when a purchase like that is to be done, our team will assist in either way - from photos and videos ,taken from outside and inside the development with different views, to the legal part of the process.
When buying from distance the procedure is as follows:

Step 1. Reserve the property:
You can reserve the property that you like through us for two weeks, by transferring 1000-2000  euro to the developer's bank account.Straight after receiving the deposit ,the property is immediately taken off the market. The reservation fee is deducted from the final purchase price of the property, when a Preliminary Contract is signed with the builder.

Step 2. Sign a Preliminary Contract and pay first installment:
After the property is reserved we arrange that the seller signs and stamps a Preliminary Contract for sale that is prepared in advance after communication with both parties-the buyer and the seller. The signed Preliminary Agreement is then posted by a courier service to the buyer. Upon receiving the signed agreement the buyer transfers the agreed 1 st installment  payment to the developer's bank acount .Power of attorney is prepared for the solicitor ,who will represent the Buyer on the final Notary transfer,if the buyer will not attend personally.

Step 3. Transfer the balance amount  outstanding -usually in separate installments which amount and terms are agreed in advance by the seller and buyer and are appointed in the preliminary contract .
After the property is paid in full,Title Deed is signed in front of the Notary .
Normally, the customer should come over to sign and pick up the Title Deeds or if need be that can be done by Power of Attorneys.

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