The Day of Bulgarian Literature, Education and Culture - May 24th, is one of the brightest holidays and  Bulgaria pays tribute to the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius. Defined by the Bulgarian public as "the most Bulgarian holiday", this day traditionally passes under the sign of official ceremonies and processions in all Bulgarian cities. However, the situation with the coronavirus pandemic this year is hampered by many official events - a number of ceremonies were canceled, others were held much more modestly and with intensified anti-epidemic measures. The year in which Covid-19 marked the whole world will inevitably remain in Bulgarian history as the one with the different May 24th.

This year's celebration of education were marked by  Virtual events .

The ban on holding traditional processions  necessitated the search for alternative methods by which the Bulgarian public could pay their respects to the holy brothers. The canceled community events did not prevent Sofia residents from flocking their monument in front of the National Library, flowers were also presented by President Rumen Radev and Vice President Iliana Yotova. A number of politicians and public figures sent their virtual greetings from their social media profiles.

The situation on the Black Sea coast was no different. In Pomorie, due to extraordinary circumstances, the Day of Education was marked with a virtual concert prepared by the team of the Center for Support of Personal Development - Pomorie. Performers from the Varna Opera sang from the balcony of the iconic building on May 23 at 18:00 on the occasion of the upcoming holiday. The concert was broadcast live on the official Facebook profile of  Varna State Opera. In Burgas, on the other hand, a synchronous bell from the Orthodox churches in the city sounded in the streets at 12:00. The anthem of the Bulgarian education "Go people, revived" is heard in various performances throughout the country.

The day when our sense of community is stronger than ever

Even without official processions and ceremonies, the spirit of May 24th is in the air, and many have shown it with their actions - despite the unprecedented situation, organizations, cultural figures and ordinary citizens have managed to celebrate the holiday properly. Together, they proved that May 24th is the day when our sense of community is stronger than ever. On days like this, we are reminded that if there is one thing that has united and preserved us as a nation, it is our language. On the Day of the Slavic Literature, Education and Culture, every true Bulgarian deep in his soul feels a proud descendant of an enlightened people with history, culture and language, which he will bequeath to generations.



The different 24th May -The Day of Bulgarian Literature and Culture