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If you do not attract noisy resorts where life abounds twenty four hours a day, if you are looking for peace, tranquility and privacy, if you want to enjoy the beautiful nature, then a visit to the village with a beautiful name Varvara - this is what you need. Varvara is on the seashore 82 km from Bourgas, 5 km from Ahtopol, 19 km from the Bulgarian-Turkish border, 10 km from the river Veleka and 25 km from the river Ropotamo.
The first written mention of Varvara refer to X VIII century, but local legend has it that on this place since ancient times lived Thracian tribes, who besides that engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry, as neighbors often raided Ahtopol, for what has been dubbed Greeks living there as "barbarians", hence the name Varvara.
With rocky coast in the vicinity of Barbara offers amazing beauty sea views. In Barbara has a beach strip - small but clean and picturesque.
Today Varvara is gaining popularity as a seaside resort. Also holidaymakers every year Barbara is going to many who wish to participate in the event which takes place every year in Bulgaria on the sea coast - a meeting on the morning of July dawn to the sound of the famous hit "Juraj Hip". This tradition emerged as a form of youth protest against the Communist government and firmly caught and turned into a kind of act of spiritual cleansing without any connection with religious rituals.
Barbara is set around the small rocky bays, suitable for fishing and diving.
Traditional seaside holiday can be combined with Scenic hills and valleys of the Strandja Massif. Papiya peak is just 4-5 km from the Barbarians, its height is 502 m, on it you can see the ruins of a medieval fortress.
It offers guests cozy rooms in hotels, private houses, several restaurants, shops, hospitality of the local population - that is all that is needed for a relaxing recreation.
Varvara reported to Burgas, Tsarevo, Ahtopol and other settlements by regular bus services.



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