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With real estate agency "Properties Contact" you can buy safe and at reasonable price a property in the spa resorts of Bulgaria. These properties are good investments as one can easily rent them all year around.

Bulgaria occupies a leading position among the European countries on the amount of mineral thermal sources, many of which are unique in their chemical composition and healing features.

Bulgarian land is rich in mineral springs, whose healing properties were known in the past.
Nestled among the majestic pine forests town of Velingrad, the warmest town in Bulgaria - Sandanski, the ancient Hisarja, The Black Sea spa capital-Pomorie- all are wonderful places for recreation , for treatment and permanent residence. If you have decided to buy a property in one of those popular Spa centres in Bulgaria - apartment, house, hotel or land, we can help you do this profitably and without a risk.

  • Pomorie –is located 10 km north of Burgas and is one of the most popular places  for buying properties from the Russian home seekers. Pomorie is popular with its beaches with dark healing sand, because of its high content of magnesium and with its salty Pomorian lake. Offering a combination of SPA treatment and sea holidays, Pomorie is recognized, as the Bulgarian coastal SPA center. It is one of the oldest towns on the Bulgarian lands, and the healing properties of the lake mud, which is extracted from the bottom of the Pomorian Lake are known since old times. The mineral water belongs to a particularly rare species, because it contains a significant amount of magnesium, which is especially valuable for a number of important physiological functions.

Pomorie is a town where locals live all year-round and in the last two years - over 4,000 Russian families have bought apartments for living and recreation. The town is a subject of numerous medical studies and his profile includes mud, which is extremely beneficial for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system - neuralgia, neuritis, disc disease, some skin diseases -as chronic eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis .
The real estate market in Pomorie is quite diverse. Newly built apartments for sale and resale’s vary from 400-500 euros per square meter. Luxury properties in complexes with facilities, such as swimming pool and SPA centers can reach up to 1500 euros per sq.m. In 3 kilometeres from Pomorie, one can buy a house in a modern complex at prices starting from € 70,000.
Properties in Pomorie can be rented all year round. The infrastructure of the city offers comfortable conditions for permanent residence or just recreation at any time of year.

  • Velingrad - one of the youngest towns in Bulgaria is located 130 km from Sofia, in the picturesque Chepinska valley between beautiful the mountain ranges  Rila and Rhodopi at an altitude of 750 meters. It is one of the leading spa resorts in Europe, a true "spa capital" in the Balkans, thanks to its 78 healing thermal mineral springs with water temperature of 28 to 86 ° C.

The majority of the properties for sale in Velingrad are apartments in residential buildings that are offered for prices of 400-650 euro per sq m.

Luxury furnished apartments may vary in price and are usually offered for sale for about 900 euro per sq m. Such apartments are, as a rule, located in closed complexes with lots of facilities, as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spa centers, restaurants, etc. Originally these complexes work as apart hotels and buying a property there is an excellent investment opportunity. Such offers appear rarely on the market and are sold for a short time and are quite expensive.

  • The real estate market in Sandanski is much more diverse. Newly built apartments in residential complexes and apartments in the old buildings are offered for sale. The prices for the new properties are starting from 350 and reaches 600 euros per square meter. Finished and ready to move in apartments one can buy at prices of 500-600 euros per square meter, while prices of luxury furnished property with an excellent location can reach 1000 euro per sq m.

Sandanski is situated in the Pirin Mountain, on the same distance from our capital Sofia and the Greek city of Solun at 240-300 m. Above sea level. It is the warmest Bulgarian city in all seasons; the duration of sunshine exceeds 2450 hours, creating conditions for all year-round sun-air procedures. The climate in the Sandanski area, combined with the thermal resources is considered to be the healthiest in Bulgaria. The resort has earned fame as one of the best European centers for the treatment of bronchial asthma.  80 mineral springs are found in the region –all of them are thermal, hyper and hydro-sulphate-sodium.

The town was in the earlier centuries a Roman settlement,called from the Romans - Dezudava and the Slavonic tribes , who came after the Byzantines called the place St.Vrach. An ancient legend says , that in the region of Sandanski was born and has lived Spartak from the Thracian tribe.

Only 12 km.away from  Sandanski is the place "Rupite", where the Bulgarian prophetess Vanga has lived and the Holy Church of Saint Petka. The church was built by Vanga in the crater of the extinct volcano ”Kozuh” in a place with thermal spring ,that according to the Bulgarian  prophetess energizes everyone


  • The town of Hissarjais located 42 km to the north of Plovdiv and 170 km to the east of Sofia, in the  "Sredna Forest"Mountans

On the real estate market in Hissarja new proposals are rarely presented , building work is limited and strictly regulated. Prices for apartments in new buildings starts from 550 and reaches 700 euros per sq.m .
Hissarja - / the ancient Augusta is one of the most interesting archaeological sites on the Balkan Peninsula /,located  near the Valley of the Roses, with  height of 364 meters above sea level ,between the mountains Stara Mountains  and Sredna Mountains . On its territory there are 22 thermal springs located in a small region with different physical and chemical characteristics and temperature, that varies from 41 to 52 ° C. This fact is unique not only for Bulgaria but for the world. All waters are with low mineralization, contain hydro-sulphate-sodium, have a high alkaline content and are clear, colorless and with a pleasant drinking taste.

The mineral waters of the resort are used for effective treatment of urinary, biliary, urological, gastrointestinal and liver diseases, as well as for curing of the musculoskeletal system.

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