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Sozopol is situated 35 km south of Bourgas. The old part of the city, located on a small peninsula, is protected by the state and is an architectural monument of European importance. The first settlement in this area dates back to antiquity and modern city history started about 610 BC. e., when it was founded Greek colony of Apollonia, named in honor of the god Apollo.
Sozopol - a museum city, whose history goes back almost 3000 years, confident steps entered the 21 - th century. New and modern city full of fabulous surprises his old part of organically combined with each other. City is ideal not only for fans of holiday by the sea, but also for those who like the old days, long walks and prefers bohemian lifestyle. Sozopol - the only city on the Bulgarian coast, located on three promontories. Old houses and streets of the Old Town, the modern yacht marina, a variety of historical and architectural monuments, beautiful wide beaches attract more holidaymakers in Sozopol and settle here permanently.
  Sozopol is lovely any time of year. Summer is the perfect place to relax at sea. In and around the city there are four large sandy beach. Many shops, restaurants, cafes, art galleries, souvenir shops, modern hotels and homes - all these will provide an unforgettable holiday and carefree summer holiday atmosphere. Round-functioning infrastructure and modern urban amenities create good conditions for permanent residence.



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