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Sinemorets village situated on a picturesque peninsula 5 km south of Ahtopol and 90 km from Burgas, on the site of the old Thracian settlement.
Today's name is a translation of the Greek "γαλάζια" - blue. Preserved Thracian peninsula on the tombstones and a small fortress.
Places around Sinemorets - one of the most marvelous places in Bulgaria. Seashores here unique - cliffs form incredible shapes carved by sea or maybe a man thousands of years ago. To the north of the mouth of the river Sinemorets Veleka which formed a beautiful sandy spit - the northern beach. To the north-west of the village is the Gulf of St. Yani with a fishing pier and a rocky promontory Korab / Ships /. To the east is the area "Glade", built modern hotels, and behind it, on the Bay "Butamya" - south beach, the only protected in Sinemorets. Fans also wild, lonely places without thundering music and traditional flavors "Skara" can enjoy the beach Lipite a 20-minute walk from the village and leaves - 3.5 km to the south, and to reach it only by experienced tourists, for this it is necessary to goat paths pass Canyon area. In these places you can meet summer deer and fallow deer. Further south should Silistar beach with fine sand gentle. Beaches near Sinemorets some of the most pure and beautiful on the coast. The entire area south of the reserve is part of Silistar. There remained dense forests and home to rare species of birds.
       Sinemorets attractive ne only for lovers of the sea. Those who are fans of hiking can go through environmental trails - walk, ride a bike or on horseback, enjoy the spectacular views and visit the typical Strandja village Brodilovo.
      To reach Sinemorets, you can use the bus route "Burgas-Sinemorets."


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