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The warmest city in Bulgaria, "the suncity" Sandanski is located at the foot of the majestic Pirin Mountains, halfway between the capital Sofia and the Greek Solon. In the area there are about 80 mineral springs and pure warm air of the valley refreshed Pirinski breeze, descending from the mountains along the river Bistrica.
City originated thousands of years ago - first as a small settlement near mineral springs whose miraculous properties at one time estimated hundreds of generations, living and visiting these amazing beauty of the place. Until 1947, the city was a more self-name Sveti doctor, then in the spirit of modern times was renamed in honor of the Bulgarian revolutionary Yane Sandanski.
During Roman times the area was inhabited by the Thracian tribe of meads, which gave the world the legendary Spartacus. At 12 km from Sandanski is Rupite area where the prophetess Vanga spent the last years of his life and where it built a church "St. Petka". A few minutes drive from the city are the ancient Rozhen monastery and the smallest town in Bulgaria Miller, famous for its rock pyramids.



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