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Borovets - the oldest and largest ski resort in Bulgaria, situated 1300 meters above sea level, surrounded by secular pine forest on the slopes of Rila mountain, at the foot of Musala summit - the highest on the Balkan Peninsula (2925 m). Borovets is 72 km south-east of the capital Sofia and 126 km southwest of Plovdiv. The resort was built in the XIX century as a hunting base Bulgarian kings. The ski season here lasts from December to April, the winters are mild and snowy. Rila is famous for its amazing beauty. Give it a special charm 190 lakes and 79 peaks over 2,500 meters. Borovets - is a versatile resort. There are great trails for both beginners and experienced professional skiers, modern ski facilities, a variety of hotels, family hotels and residential complexes, shops, restaurants, nightclubs and discos. Borovets is perfect at any time of year. This is a paradise for those who love nature and hiking in the mountains.



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