Before the crisis, buying property in Bulgaria could be only until the end of construction works. Today, construction companies have bank loans and  agree to sell properties with long-term payments.
 Today there is a great demand for buying property in Bulgaria through  partial payments with no interest. Usually when you buy property, you pay 30% of property value. The remaining 70% customer pays within a  period of time, specified in the preliminary contract. As a rule, time is not more than 1.5 to 2 years. If the client needs long-term contributions, the offered interest rate is about 5-6 %.

 The preliminary contract between the builder and the buyer to purchase the property is of a sufficient security. When buying real estate in Bulgaria by deferred payment, the construction companies are more loyal to customers than the  banks. It is enough for the customer to pay the first installment, without providing evidence of its solvency. Such an attitude is understandable for the customers - if the buyer delays payment, the seller may dissolve the contract.

Our company offers to buyers   favorable conditions - to buy property in Bulgaria in installments without extra charges and overpayments.