Prices on Russian real estate market are very high. Today it is much cheaper to buy a villa in Bulgaria than a small apartment in Russia or Europe. Therefore, buying a villa in Bulgaria is an interesting and profitable investment.

Buying a villa in Bulgaria can be not only for recreation but also for permanent residence. Local residents in towns and villages are famous for their hospitality.   Bulgaria is a surprisingly beautiful place, with wild, nice clean sea air and sandy beaches.

Villa in Bulgaria for their owners can not become a new home or vacation destination and a source of consistently high profits. Many residents of Russia decide to buy villas in Bulgaria with for renting it to tourists, who regularly come to rest on the Black Sea. Demand for houses in Bulgaria each year will grow. A huge advantage is that the authorities have decided to simplify the entry of Bulgaria to foreign nationals.

The search for Bulgarian property is growing rapidly, so that each year the price of villas in Bulgaria is increasing. So after a few years you may resell the property with a good profit.

Buying a house in Bulgaria - it is a proper investment for the future.